The research group iArtHisLab, within the framework of DAHSS, is organizing coffee talks on the last Thursday of the month at 17:00 CET. These will be informal discussions of 45 minutes (aprox.) where DAHSS’ alumni will talk about their research and the challenges faced by Art History, museums and cultural institutions and Humanities in general. The goal of these talks is to promote a monthly discussion between experts, researchers and students to work towards a better understanding of the convergence between computational technologies, digital media and humanistic approaches.

These sessions focus on networking, conversation, reflection and collaboration between professors, researchers, students and professionals. The challenging situation provoked by the pandemic of COVID-19 urges us to rethink our priorities and redefine the purposes of our scholarly and professional work. With this project, DAHSS expands its realm and its activities.
Join us and be part of the conversation!

Bring your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or pumpkin spice latte.

’22 Program

  • February 24th – Lukas Pilka
  • March 31st – Sofia Baroncini

  • April 28th – Mariana Ziku

  • May 26th – TBD

Zoom link:
meeting id: 916 0488 0554

If you want to be one of our speakers email us at: